An Israeli startup company by the name of Physimax is making waves in the sports industry as they help athletes of all backgrounds identify their weaknesses, build on their strengths, and prevent various injuries.

All athletes, whether professional or recreational, appreciate any training advantage they can get – within the rules, of course. In addition to that, if an athlete can identify something they’re doing that will likely result in an injury, allowing them to alter their course prior to an injury taking place, they will be all the more grateful.

Israel’s Physimax musculoskeletal software is a technology that allows athletes to essentially “take inventory” of their body’s activity during a given exercise. After the AI technology runs its course, using memory from the cloud, it is able to pinpoint exactly which areas of the individual’s body are likely more prone to injury. Physimax can study your balance, mobility, and weak points as well. This process typically takes approximately 8 minutes. The information allows them to compare the athlete’s results to what is considered ‘standard’ measurements.

Physimax is committed to Tracking & Improving Musculoskeletal Wellness & Performance via Machine Learning Vision Analysis. Their 7-step process involves:

1) Time Saving Assessment
2) Objective Measurements
3) Comprehensive Coverage
4) Comparative Scores
5) Validated Technology
6) Portability
7) Large-Scale Assessments

Their CEO & Co-Founder, Ram Shalev, has over two decades of business and technology management experience. Before joining Physimax, he was the director of ambulatory services and head of technology at Israel’s largest medical rehabilitation center. Physimax is truly the perfect fit for Ram because it’s a combination of technology and anatomy.

Some of the notable customers of Physimax include the Superbowl Champions – Kansas City Chiefs, Indiana Pacers (NBA), and the Colorado Rockies (MLB). Physimax additionally urges their users to retest monthly, and even weekly for professional athletes in order to evaluate what has changed and what still needs to change regarding the athlete’s physical performance. The system itself is only available to athletic teams, companies, and various organizations including medical companies, but not individuals.

One major focus for Physimax is young athletes. The US reports over 3.5 million injuries to young athletes at an annual rate, and Physimax’ injury preventing software is something that can drop this number.