Israel’s Mossad is said to be collecting hundreds of thousands of test kits from other countries in recent days; The country or countries they were received from remain unknown; The office of the Prime Minister confirms Mossad’s role.

As more and more COVID-19 test kits are needed throughout the Jewish State, Israel’s elite intelligence community, Mossad, has been increasing their involvement in the retrieval of such items. One source even claims that in exchange for the test kits, Mossad is training the undisclosed country in the area of intelligence.

As of last Thursday, Mossad had delivered an additional 400,000 test kits from an undisclosed country, likely meaning it is a nation that Israel currently has minimal to no diplomatic ties with. Mossad’s involvement has been confirmed by the office of the Prime Minister. They’ve now retrieved a minimum of 500,000 test kits in the last few weeks.

Israel is continuing to increase its test rate which is now well into the thousands each day. A report from last week shows that there were less than 3,000 confirmed cases at the time. As of Friday, one week later, Israel exceeded 7,000 confirmed cases.

Mossad isn’t the only Israeli community involved in the battle against coronavirus. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Defense Ministry, and Inovytec are all collaborating to produce medical ventilators, 30 of which have been completed as of this week.