Having trouble finding the right time or place to practice your saxophone? Look no further. EMEO has developed a product that will allow musicians to practice in multiple settings. Their new digital saxophone connects to a laptop, computer or other devices via several methods, and is a game-changer in the music industry.

Often, a musician faces the challenge of either finding a place to practice without distracting others or finding a place where they themselves can better focus. Israel’s EMEO has developed a device that solves both of these problems; a digital saxophone. Built to the same concept of a standard saxophone, EMEO’s product provides all the convenient features without compromising the musician’s feel for the instrument.

The product is used when connected to a computer, laptop, or other devices via USB, Bluetooth, etc. Apparently, the product is already making waves in the music industry, as the famous Rosario Giuliani praised it for its ability to be used anywhere.

EMEO explains the convenience of their product best on their website, stating:

Whether you are preparing for a concert, learning new music, improving your technical skills, or just having a good time, the EMEO’s authentic saxophone mechanism, means that you can pick it up and play straight away.

The EMEO is not intended to replace traditional saxophones, rather to be the perfect practice instrument. It is also compact enough for you to be able to easily travel with it alongside your main horn.

As noted by the Jerusalem Post, Co-Founder Oleg Raskin stated, “The EMEO has the look and feel of a real saxophone, which means it can be picked up and played straight away by sax players. As a digital wind controller, the EMEO can produce an infinite number of different sounds. It can also be played with or without a mouthpiece and without blowing at all.”

To name some of the distinct features of this unique product; it can be used with or without a traditional saxophone mouthpiece. It contains a solid battery life. Its functions are authentic in comparison to a normal saxophone. And to add to the selling points, it’s durable and small enough to travel with you anywhere.

The EMEO is available in three different colorways including vintage brown, classic gold and black nickel. Additionally, the saxophone is only the first of many future EMEO projects.

There’s a reason Israel is known as the “startup” nation. From intuition to divine blessing, Israelis continue to amaze the world at their ability to find efficient, practical solutions to everyday problems. EMEO is one more example of this. And now, musicians all over the world have much easier access to perfecting their art on the go.