Israelis will be heading to the voting booths on Monday to vote in the nation’s third consecutive election after a government could not be formed after the previous two; Netanyahu & Gantz make their final political pitches.

After much anticipation over the last several months, the Israeli election will finally be taking place on Monday. Israelis will be voting while the West is sleeping.

Despite the persistent attempts to cast a negative light on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the polls have him and his rival from the Blue & White party, Benny Gantz, in a very tight race. To date, Benjamin Netanyahu has been Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

As they went back and forth in an interview on Sunday, Netanyahu held nothing back regarding his thoughts of Gantz, whom he called “weak” and “not fit” to be the prime minister of the Jewish State. Additionally, Gantz vowed that there’s no way he’d form a coalition with Netanyahu due to the charges that are being held against him; charges that came at a very opportunistic time politically speaking.

A large Arab-Israeli voter turnout is expected due to their determination to discard the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. Furthermore, they’re no fan of one of his closest allies, US President Donald Trump, stating, “We want the fall of Netanyahu because he is the greatest inciter against Arab citizens and the godfather of the ‘Deal of the Century’.”

Regardless of the political madness, Netanyahu has a lot in his favour. Israel’s economy broke long-lasting records in 2019 and continues to thrive on the world platform in the department of technology. Under his leadership, Israel has become completely self-reliant when it comes to natural gas. In fact, they have so much, they’re doing business with former enemies!

Though he will be fighting an uphill battle and the polls seem to reveal that the race is extremely close, Netanyahu has made a climb at just the right time. With this, he also received a heavy portion of conservative support leading to his landslide victory in the primary election a couple of months ago. This could be signalling that the party is more unified than people realize.