Israelis and Jewish communities to remember victims of the Holocaust during Yom HaShoah; Two-minute siren to remember those murdered; Ceremony to be held at Yad Vashem with 6 Holocaust survivor’s accounts.

Israelis and some Jewish communities around the globe will commemorate Israel’s national Holocaust Remembrance Day, “Yom HaShoah”, in memory of the over 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust, beginning on Wednesday evening and continuing through all of Thursday. As with each year, the national Holocaust Memorial ceremony will be held at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Israeli officials and Holocaust survivors will participate in the ceremony.

This year, 6 Holocaust survivors will share their accounts and speak at Yad Vashem. The survivors will light torches commemorating all those who perished during World War 2.

Hundreds of Jewish youth groups and Jewish communities have traveled to Poland on the “March of the Living” over the past week, visiting the concentration camps throughout the country. Several world leaders will participate in a ceremony held in Auschwitz tomorrow, the IDF sending a delegation each year to the death camp.

Sirens will designate two minutes of silence on Thursday morning. All of the Nation of Israel will stop and stand in remembrance of the genocide of the Jewish people. Ceremonies and educational programs will be held throughout the day in remembrance of the Holocaust.

President Trump recently announced the United States would begin commemorating Holocaust memorial week from the end of April into May 5th, the president designating the period of time as the “Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust”. It will include “appropriate study, prayers and commemoration, and to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution by remembering the lessons of this atrocity so that it is never repeated.”

Photo: Szymon Kaczmarczyk/