Israeli strikes reported over the weekend; IDF refuses to comment on reports; Iranian targets believed hit in strikes; Syrian army claims it downed three Israeli missiles.


Israeli strikes were reported in Syria on both Friday and Saturday, reports claiming the strikes were on Iranian targets. Explosions were reported, as well as Israeli fighter jets, on Friday night in Damascus with airstrikes reported outside of the nation’s capital on Saturday. Mixed reports said the missiles were fired from the Golan Heights, with other reports confirming fighter jets.

Syria’s SANA news agency published video footage of both attacks on Friday and Saturday, claiming Syrian army “aerial defenses intercepted hostile targets coming from the direction of the occupied territories,” in reference to Israel’s Golan Heights. They claimed to have downed at least three missiles.

As with the majority of Israel’s covert operations in Syria and Lebanon, the Israel Defense Forces refused to comment on the reports. Israel has made clear that weapons shipments and any threats on Israel’s security are a red line, assuring that it will act to prevent any danger or threat on Israeli citizens.