The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has continued to strike a number of terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip into Monday; Several homes belonging to known terrorists were destroyed over the last 72 hours; Hamas is responsible for the firing of over 3,000 rockets.

Israel’s Air Force continued to strike Hamas targets into Monday, following an anything but silent weekend. As they have in previous days, the IDF targeted the homes of some of Hamas’ top operatives and several of its leaders. Additionally, any compounds with connections to the terrorist organization have been subject to airstrikes. Photos and videos continue to surface, revealing just how effective the Israeli strikes have been.

On Monday, the Israeli navy reportedly neutralized an amphibious vehicle belonging to Hamas before the group was able to conduct its mission. Additionally, the IDF has targeted multiple vehicles belonging to the group’s militants. And it wasn’t only individuals belonging to Hamas that have been in the crosshairs, but also those of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), as one of its senior commanders was also killed in a strike on Monday.

So far, the conflict has lasted much longer than expected, with over 3,000 rockets being fired from Gaza since the onset of the event. According to the IDF, over 400 of those rockets have misfired, either not launching at all or landing within Palestinian civilian proximity.