At least three Syrian, pro-Iranian fighters were killed in addition to five others in the Israeli strike near Damascus overnight on Friday; Structural damage occurred when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted an Iranian drone manufacturing plant and an airbase.

The IDF conducted a strike in the region of Damascus overnight on Friday, marking the 17th attack inside of Syria this year. According to Syrian state media, the strike resulted in the deaths of at least three Syrian, pro-Iranian fighters and five others – some of which were not Syrian. The attack followed a visitation from multiple officials from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

According to reports, at least seven additional soldiers were wounded in the attack. Israeli strikes inside the war-torn country have been routine for years as Tehran continues to entrench itself north of Israel’s border.

Two primary targets during the attack were an airbase utilized by pro-Iranian militias and an Iranian drone manufacturing warehouse. Significant structural damage did occur.

As is custom, the IDF did not comment on the attack.