The strike, which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted early in the morning on Wednesday, occurred in an unusual location in close proximity to the Mediterranean coast; Weapons belonging to Iranian militias were destroyed in the strike.

An Israeli airstrike targeted an Iranian militias weapons depot in western Syria in the early morning on Wednesday. The strike occurred along the Mediterranean coastline city of Latakia, which currently obtains a heavy Russian presence. Syrian air defense systems reportedly engaged the Israeli attack but did not prevent them from striking an alleged “plastics warehouse” used to house several missiles.

Following the attack on the weapons depot, footage could be seen on social media of the location ablaze with small explosions that followed.

The area of Latakia comes as an unusual location for an Israeli strike, primarily because Russia “runs the show” in the region, meaning that Israel needed Russian approval for the strike. It also means that the Jewish state had a serious reason for seeking out this confrontation. In this case, undoubtedly, the missiles in the warehouse were being allocated for use against Israel’s Navy.

Strikes were also carried out due east in the city of Haffah as well as Masyaf. As usual, the IDF did not comment on the strikes.