PulseNmore sees great potential amid COVID-19 and the lockdowns that are keeping people at home in Israel; Dr. Sonnenschein: We have successfully miniaturized the traditional ultrasound system to create a solution that is both affordable and accessible for expectant families.

Omer-based Israeli startup company PulseNmore has developed a device that will allow women to conduct self-ultrasounds in the most convenient manner available – from their homes. And the popularity of this device couldn’t have come at perhaps a more significant time, as women in Israel and all over the world are doing whatever is necessary to avoid hospitals at this time.

The first HMO to offer their product was Israel’s biggest healthcare entity, Clalit Health Services. While the device is designed to monitor the vitality of the fetus, it is not meant to replace other important appointments that are necessary, such as checkups to examine any potential future birth defects. Making the device even more impressive, it can be used online to facilitate a live “conference call-style” appointment with a woman’s doctor.

In an interview with NoCamels, an Israeli innovation news outlet, an employee of Clalit Health Services stated, “Being that we are the first in Israel to launch an online service for doctor appointments and online medical examinations, purchasing the PulseNmore device was a natural choice for us. Our customers can now receive top medical services during the period of their pregnancy, without having to leave the comfort of their home.”

As noted on the homepage of PulseNmore:

PulseNmore is the emerging leader in connected at-home ultrasound, delivering convenience and efficiency beyond traditional in-facility imaging. Our unique handheld ultrasound scanner docks with the patient’s smartphone to deliver high-quality images that can be created anywhere, stored and forwarded for clinical review or shared in an online consultation.

Clalit hopes to begin offering the device to its members within just over a year. Undoubtedly, this device will likely not only impact numerous Israeli women, but it will meet the needs of so many women around the world.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of PulseNmore Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein revealed that feedback from Clalit suggests that women are making fare more trips to the emergency room than necessary, and having this device will help eliminate the concerns that they face throughout their pregnancy.

The reliability of the product can’t be overstated, as it had a 95%+ success rate among 1,300 tests. According to NoCamels, “In 95 percent of the ultrasound videos, the heartbeat, movement, and amniotic fluid, among other measures were detected in a three-minute process.”

With approval in Europe and Israel, with the US on the horizon, PulseNmore hopes to offer its device to major accounts such as medical companies, insurance companies, and large medical centers. They are able to keep the cost of the device to a minimum by utilizing the capabilities of the individual’s smartphone or handheld device, which simplifies the production of the company’s device.

Dr. Sonnenschein concluded the interview with NoCamels stating, “We have successfully miniaturized the traditional ultrasound system to create a solution that is both affordable and accessible for expectant families.”

Clalit believes this product is not only vital during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that it will have a lasting demand as time goes on.