Conference connects Israeli start-ups, companies, innovation and tech with Chinese investors; Dozens of Israeli companies held one-on-one meetings with potential partners; Conference centered on fundraising, strategic alliance forming. 


Over 100 Israeli start-ups and high tech companies were in China on Tuesday for a conference connecting Chinese investors and business people with the Start-Up Nation. The GoForIsrael Israel-China investment conference was held in Jinan where over 1,000 investors held one-on-one meetings with dozens of Israeli companies and potential partners. The conference addressed “current issues in fundraising and establishes strategic alliances globally between Israeli companies, businesses and financial institutions,” in the fields of cybersecurity, medical technology, water technology, energy, IT and much more.

It was funded by both Cukierman & Co. and Catalyst Funds and was the conference’s 20th successful run. It was previously known as GoforEurope and has opened the door for foreign investment into Israel, mainly within technology and innovation. The conference has evolved to branch around the world and last year held three conferences in Israel, Hong Kong and Foshan, China. In last year’s conference in China, 100 Israeli companies met with over 500 Chinese investors. In Tel Aviv’s conference, over 70 Chinese investors attended.

Israel and China have held diplomatic relations for 27 years. China is Israel’s third largest trading partner and from 1992-2017, trade rose from $50 million to $13.1 billion. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli officials have worked for years to establish a Free Trade Agreement with China with hopes an agreement could be established sometime in 2019.



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