In light of multiple recent terrorist attacks inside the Jewish State, the Israeli prime minister is calling on gun owners to take up arms; Bennett: Be alert. Whoever has a weapons license, this is the time to carry it.

Following three deadly terrorist attacks inside the Jewish State in the last week, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is calling on all Israeli gun owners to bear arms. His comments came after the most recent attack, which occurred on Tuesday evening in Bnei Brak – an area heavily populated by Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

On Wednesday, the PM addressed the series of attacks, stating, “After a period of quiet, there is a violent eruption by those who want to destroy us, those who want to hurt us at any price, whose hatred of Jews, of the State of Israel, drives them crazy.”

Bennett also told citizens, “Be alert. Whoever has a weapons license, this is the time to carry it.” He also elaborated on the government’s call for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Police, and Shin Bet to increase security measures in order to act preemptively.

In reference to May of 2021, when Hamas – the Iranian-funded terror group based in Gaza – and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fired several thousand rockets into Israel, Bennett added, “What we witnessed less than a year ago in Operation Guardians of the Walls, the terrorism and the violence, from within Israel and inside Israel, was the first sign.”

Tuesday’s deadly attack brought the death toll in Israel to 11, two of which were Ukrainian citizens who had fled their country due to the Russian invasion.

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