The Knesset approved Israel’s normalization of ties with the Gulf States despite several pro-Palestinian votes; Netanyahu: They are changing their attitude toward us.

The Israeli Knesset voted on Thursday to approve the recent historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Though it easily passed, it was met with several pro-Palestinian opposition votes (80-13). The UAE was the third Arab country to normalize its ties with the Jewish State following Egypt and Jordan.

Furthermore, Bahrain also agreed to normalize its diplomatic ties with Israel after the UAE.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “Many Arab and Muslim countries want to get close to us. They see our military and intelligence, technological and economic power. They are changing their attitude toward us.”

In addition to the benefits these countries are experiencing by being on good terms with Israel, they’ve also come to the realization of the failure of the Arab world. And by making this move, they’ve further exposed the hostility and hypocrisy of Iran and Turkey.