An Israeli plane flew from Tel Aviv to the capital city of Sudan on Wednesday, only to come back a few hours later; Announcement of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Israel and Sudan expected to be delivered this weekend.

Following a visit to the capital city of Sudan on Wednesday by an unknown number of Israeli officials, it’s becoming very clear that something is about to transpire concerning the two countries. The flight discreetly departed from Tel Aviv, only to return from Khartoum several hours later, hinting at a conclusion of the current process in place for Israel and Sudan to normalize diplomatic ties.

Not only are the two nations expected to take this giant step, but they’re also expected to trade ambassadors. However, very few details concerning what transpired in the meeting are known at this time. US President Donald Trump is likely to make an announcement this coming weekend.

The two countries have been in this process now for several weeks, but things escalated quickly after the US gave Khartoum an ultimatum last week.