IsraAID sends emergency response team to California; Israel sends Gen-350 water generator to assist police and firefighting forces.


Israel deployed an emergency response team to California to assist in the devastating fires.

IsraAID, Israel’s largest humanitarian organization, reported that part of the team was sent last week with additional members of the delegation arriving to assist local forces this week.

It confirmed it was deploying “an emergency response team to California… At the request of local communities, IsraAID’s team will conduct a needs assessment of the population in the affected area, promote community resilience and recovery, and distribute relief items to families currently staying in temporary accommodation after losing their homes in the fires.”

The team includes “Israeli and US-based mental health specialists, who will work with partner organizations on-the-ground to support affected communities as they recover and promote community resilience.”

IsraAID last assisted California during its fires in 2017 in Sonoma County distributing relief supplies and assisting with communities and children. IsraAID currently has a delegation in Florida assisting communities affected by Hurricane Michael.

Israel also deployed its atmospheric water generator, the GEN-350, to California. The machine pulls water from the skies and is being used to assist police and firefighters in the region. The machine is capable of pulling over 150 gallons of water daily.



Photo: Christian Roberts-Olsen/