Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued significant warnings in a recent interview; The BBC interview included a voiceover in Persian for Iranians to listen; Gantz: We are ready to ensure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.

In an interview with BBC on Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a warning that the Islamic Republic is not only continuing its pursuit of a nuclear weapon but moving closer to achieving its goal. However, he also stated that Tehran is falling short in some respects.

Concerning the world’s number one sponsor of terror, Gantz said, “We know all about their diversions and attempts to fool countries around the world. We also expose this information. The Iranian nuclear project threatens world stability, regional stability and is a challenge for the security of Israel.”

Iran has been significantly increasing the percentage at which it enriches uranium. In April, the Republic announced that it was beginning to enrich uranium at 60% and claims it has the ability to enrich at 90%, which is considered weapons-grade purity.

Reminding the world of Israel’s capabilities, he said, “We have abilities and means that I cannot expand on, and we are ready to ensure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.”

Tehran has dealt with several setbacks to its nuclear program in recent months amid many unprecedented internal attacks on its nuclear facilities.