Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entrusts the care of Israel’s older population to the Israeli Defense Forces amid the fight against COVID-19; This new assignment is known as Operation Golden Guards.

Amid the ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19 throughout the Jewish State and surrounding countries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given the responsibility of caring for Israel’s older population to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) according to Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. In this new assignment being dubbed Operation Golden Guards, Bennett will be assembling a nationwide plan to better care for the elderly.

Providing better care includes, but is not limited to, medical needs, nutrition, and especially checking in on those living in isolation. The IDF will be working in conjunction with the local police to help meet the many present needs.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stated, “The IDF and Defense Ministry take responsibility for maintaining and protecting the elderly population of the State of Israel. We are embarking on Operation Golden Guards. The coronavirus harms the older population much more severely than the young. So, at the heart of the national plan is to guard the elderly and high-risk populations. For this purpose, the Home Front Command, IDF, and defense establishment are fully committed to carrying out the mission, and we will rise to the mission.”

With the entire nation on shutdown, the IDF will be sent to eight different police districts that encompass all of Israel.