Israeli Defense Force (IDF) strikes militants inside of Gaza in response to the 190+ rockets that have now been fired since Tuesday morning; Jordan condemns Israeli response; Several Jewish civilians have sustained minor injuries; Iron Dome said to have intercepted multiple rockets.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Israeli Defense Force has executed retaliatory strikes against militants inside of the Gaza strip for the 190+ rockets now fired into Israel. The Iron Dome (Israel’s primary missile defense system) is reported to have intercepted many of the incoming rockets. While there are still no Israeli deaths reported, several Jewish civilians have been treated for minor injuries.

The IDF confirmed that they struck and killed two Islamic jihad fighters in the northern region of the Gaza Strip who were preparing to launch more rockets into Israel. Additionally, two more militants were killed elsewhere inside of Gaza as a result of Israeli strikes. One report indicates that the Iron Dome is responsible for approximately a 90% success rate throughout this event, with over 50% of the rockets landing in open land, not requiring the Iron Dome’s defensive response.

Interestingly enough, Jordan’s foreign ministry spokesman Daifallah al-Fayez is blaming Israel for the chaos. Calling for the two sides to negotiate, he warned that the fighting, “will only increase tension and violence, deepen the environment of despair and promote extremist agendas in the region.” What he’s not acknowledging is that you can’t alter the extreme ideology of a jihadist. An event like this is what they are committed to. The logic being used here by the Jordanian FM spokesman is that of turning a blind eye to one of the most notorious terrorists in the region in the name of “peace”. When has this ever worked?

Voicing the unquestioned support from the US, United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman tweeted, “Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Islamist terrorist org backed by Iran, is again attacking Israel with 100’s of missiles aimed at civilians. We stand with our friend & ally Israel at this critical moment & support Israel’s right to defend itself & bring an end to these barbaric attacks.”