Israeli company, Eviation, seeks to market world’s first all-electric commuter plane; The CEO hopes to market the plane by 2021; CEO Bar-Yohay: We’ll have a supply issue, not a demand issue.

Eviation, an Israeli company, has their sights set on marketing the world’s first all-electric commuter plane by the year 2021. This plane is called the Eviation Alice.

The plane was showcased in Paris back in June for the first time. With a top speed just short of 400mph and selling for approximately 3m euros, the Eviation Alice already has double-digit demands from a US airline company. Being a commuter plane, it’s designed to carry nine passengers and can travel at a maximum distance of approximately 600 miles. Alice has one propeller on each wing and the aircraft is 100% electronically powered by a battery that amounts to more than half of the plane’s total weight.

You might think that an all-electric plane has been thought of before, and it undoubtedly has, but making it a reality is another story when you consider the technical side of designing a plane. Eviation’s original approach also has its benefits, as CEO Omar Bar-Yohay said, “The fact that we’re building an electric plane from scratch instead of just refitting an existing plane with a battery means that we can design our aircraft to be more aerodynamically effective and efficient than current planes,”.

Bar-Yohay, in addressing the approach to designing this plane, stated, “This plane was built first and foremost for the passenger’s flight experience…We planned and designed the plane around that.”

While several flight tests still need to be done for the plane to be authorized to be sold at a commercial level, Bar-Yohay lacks zero confidence as to its ability to sell in stating, “We’ll have a supply issue, not a demand issue,”.

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