The Haifa-based company reports an impressive 100% success rate in its first 10 patients involved in the initial trial; Results revealed a 40% decrease in lung inflammation.

An Israeli drug is making headlines after reporting a 100% success rate in the first 10 clients involved in the initial trial run. The clients, which currently have COVID-19, were located at Israel’s Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa for the trial and apparently experienced a 40% decrease in lung inflammation after watching the percentage drop from 55% to 15%. This decrease was in just five days. Just a month later, it’s reported that the percentage dropped to 1%.

All patients involved in the trial ranged from ages 45-75 and were experiencing serious symptoms.

According to a report from The Jerusalem Post, Bonus BioGroup, a Haifa-based biotechnology company, presented the initial results from its first trial run to other organizations at a conference in the USA last week.

Dr. Shadi Hamoud, the lead investigator in the patient trial and deputy director of the Department of Internal Medicine E at Rambam, reported, “So far, the results of the treatment with the drug MesenCure are extremely impressive and an improvement over the results of other treatments.”

In fact, MesenCure has been so successful that the medical center is already pursuing its use of other treatments. In addition to the positive percentages concerning the decline of inflammation, their lungs returned to normal capacity. As noted by Dr. Shai Meretzki, “The treated lung looks almost identical to the normal, healthy lung – complete healing, complete prevention of damage to the lung.”

Phase II of the trial is said to include 50 patients. However, with Israel’s COVID infection rate being so low, Dr. Meretzki is seeking approval to run a trial in Europe as well.