Representatives from hospitals in both countries participated in a conference call for the first time since the countries normalized diplomatic relations in September.

For the first time since normalizing their diplomatic ties, representatives from children’s hospitals in both Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) met via conference call to discuss treatments for children. In this case, it was led by Dr. Uri Pollak, who is the director of the Children’s Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah’s Heart Institute in Jerusalem, along with Dr. Kasbia Ramakrishna, who is the head of a similar unit at the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital located in Abu Dhabi.

Over 400 individuals participated in the call from numerous countries including the United States, Europe, Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, among other Arab and Asian countries.

The participants shared information with each other, including recent discoveries and new ideas.

The doctors stressed the importance of unity despite political differences, putting medicine and helping others at the forefront. Dr Pollak said, “Medicine has always existed above all political disputes. I’ve had the pleasure to meet experts from the UAE and other Arab states more than once during international conferences, and we sat together around the same table for professional debates.”

Pollak believes that everyone benefited from this call and they will continue to in the future.

The future is bright for these new medical partners, especially considering the fact that Israel is the unquestionable leader in technology in the region.