Reports indicate that Israeli airstrikes targeted Iranian weaponry in eastern Syria on Wednesday; Al-bukamal is where Iran has been constructing their border crossing from Iraq into Syria; The extent of the damage is unknown.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces carried out an airstrike on Iranian weaponry in eastern Syria, near the border town of Al-bukamal. Prior to the strike, Iranian-backed militia is reported to have fired anti-aircraft projectiles at what they believe was a drone. Shortly after, the airstrike took place.

Iran has been aggressive in their expansion of this military site where they’re also advancing their border crossing from Iraq into Syria, but they’ve been met with significant opposition from Israel, who has struck this region multiple times in recent months as Iran seeks to further surround the Jewish state. Warehouses at this military base took the brunt of the strike(s). The extent of the damage is unknown at this time.

When asked about the strike, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied, “I don’t comment on these kinds of things.”