The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted high-level Iranian military interests overnight inside of Syria; Multiple casualties were reported; The attack took place in the Hama Province north of Damascus.

On Friday, the IDF carried out a series of strikes inside of Syria targeting high-level Iranian military interests. The attacks took place around the city of Masyaf, which is located in the Hama Province, approximately three hours north of Damascus. The Israeli military has frequently targeted Iranian military assets in Syria to deter Iranian entrenchment north of the Jewish state’s border.

At least one initial report revealed that a minimum of five fighters were killed. According to the report, the fighters’ country of origin is “unknown.” Syrian state media outlet, SANA, reported, “The Israeli enemy carried out airstrikes with a burst of missiles…targeting some points in the central region. The aggression resulted in the death of five martyrs.”

Additional injuries were also reported. As usual, Syrian state media claimed that several Israeli missiles were shot down – a routinely disproved claim.

It is believed that high-ranking pro-Iranian and Hezbollah officials were targeted in the attack.