The Israeli Air Force (IAF) hit targets in the area of Damascus, Syria, overnight – early Wednesday morning; Syrian air defense systems responded to the incoming attack; The strike was reportedly carried out via Israeli airspace.

DAMASCUS – In the early hours of Wednesday, an Israeli airstrike targeted the area of Syria’s capital city, triggering a response from Syrian air defense systems, according to state media outlets. Initial reports indicate that the attack that the IAF carried out took place from Israeli air space. Wednesday morning’s events marked the third Israeli airstrike inside Syria in the last month.

According to reports, at least four casualties took place in the strike, accompanied by multiple injuries. Three different locations were hit.

The targets of interest were located near the Damascus International Airport – A frequent hotspot for arms deliveries from Iran as Tehran seeks to increase its presence north of Israel’s border. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have targeted Damascus and the surrounding area for years now. Multiple Israeli officials have vowed to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the war-torn country.

Following the attack, sources revealed that a new shipment of munitions from Iran had just arrived in Damascus within hours of the strike.