The Israeli Air Force responded to rockets that were fired from the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening; Reports indicate that Israeli fighter jets struck multiple Hamas targets in retaliation; Iron Dome intercepted one rocket that was fired in the direction of Sderot.

After a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip on Thursday, the Israeli Air Force retaliated with airstrikes targeting multiple Hamas locations including a naval site and “a terrorist military compound in the northern Gaza Strip.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it very clear in the past that Israel will hold Hamas (the Iranian-backed terror regime governing Gaza) responsible for any violence coming from the Gaza Strip.

The strikes that were carried out by the Israeli Air Force were the second within a period of 24 hours, as earlier in the day on Thursday, they struck a weaponry warehouse in Gaza after the first of two rockets was fired after 2:00 AM. Holding Hamas accountable for their actions, Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dichter stated, “I think we know fairly well how to analyze who’s behind things and to act accordingly.”