Iranian-sponsored military interests in Syria were targeted in Israeli strikes overnight on Monday; Initial reports indicated no casualties. However, as of Tuesday, it is also reported that multiple Iranian-backed fighters were killed; Weapon facilities are said to have been of interest in the strikes.

Israeli airstrikes overnight on Monday targeted more Iranian-backed military sites inside of Syria near the city of Aleppo. As usual, Syrian state media claimed that air defense systems intercepted the missiles. However, explosions witnessed in several locations say otherwise. Many explosions could be seen in videos on social media.

According to initial reports on Monday evening, there were no casualties. On the contrary, on Tuesday, at least one source claimed that multiple Iranian proxies were killed in the strikes. Reports suggest that Iranian weapon facilities were one of the primary interests in last night’s strikes, as is often the case. The facilities were located inside of Syrian military posts.

As is customary, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did not respond to questions about the attack.