Defense Ministry confirms multi-million shekel rocket and missile deal with IMI; IDF to acquire upgraded ACCULAR system; Lieberman: Missile system within a few years will be capable of covering any point at short and medium range.



Israel’s Defense Ministry announced on Monday that it signed a deal to acquire advanced precision rockets.

It confirmed on Monday that the multi-million shekel deal with IMI Systems will include various rockets and missiles that will allow the IDF more accurate launch capabilities and lower defense costs. It released the statement “This precision fire capability significantly improves the IDF’s capabilities and allows for accurate hits in remote launches, at immediate availability, and at a lower cost compared to other combat systems.”

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Defense Minister, confirmed the rockets to be purchased will have ranges from 30-150 kilometers, allowing the IDF to “be able to cover every point in ‎the region, be it near or far”.

He stated Monday “We are forging ahead with our plan to acquire an ‎array of precision rockets and missiles. Some are already in production and some have entered ‎the last research and development stages…. We are purchasing and developing high-precision systems that would enable us to focus and intensify the IDF’s offensive capabilities… that within a few years will be capable of covering any point at short and medium range.”

The arms deal will include an upgraded version of IMI’s ACCULAR artillery rocket system. The system is capable of firing 18 missiles in under one minute. The previous system held a range of up to 40 kilometers.




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