Both Israel and the United States are considering an indefinite suspension of flights to China amid the Coronavirus outbreak; Israel to discuss barring entry for Chinese workers.

The governments of Israel and the United States are both considering an indefinite suspension of flights to China due to the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus. The virus came on the scene a couple of weeks ago in the city of Wuhan, China. Israel is even considering a ban on Chinese workers until this gets sorted out. 132 people are reported to have died so far with over 6,000 cases being reported in China, a number that is quickly rising.

While the cause of the virus is technically “unknown” at this time and much blame is being given to something being passed from wild animals to humans via the wildlife trade markets, an Israeli biological warfare expert and others are looking in a different direction. Wuhan is the site of one of China’s biological warfare laboratories and there is logical concern that this may be the source of the virus. The US voiced in a past report their concern that China was continuing to experiment in the realm of biological warfare.

As of right now, a US official has stated that “The White House did not call the airlines and hasn’t asked for a suspension of flights between the U.S. and China.” Similarly, Israel has not made a final decision as of late Tuesday, but they are considering a suspension on flights both to and from China.