Israeli Defense Force (IDF) conducts test with their Jericho 4 missile; Iran responds, saying that they’re being targeted by the Jewish state; Report: The Jericho is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead; Defense Ministry: The test was scheduled in advance and was carried out as planned.

Friday morning, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) conducted a test of their Jericho 4 missile, catching many by surprise. While the test may have seemed random to outsiders, it was certainly scheduled ahead of time. In the wake of the test, Tehran (Iran’s capital) is now claiming that the Jewish state is targeting them with what could be nuclear warheads. The Defense Ministry announced, “The defense establishment conducted a launch test a few minutes ago of a rocket motor system from a base in the center of the country. The test was scheduled in advance and was carried out as planned.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, Israel dealt with over 450 rockets being fired at them from the Gaza Strip, resulting in zero fatalities, but this test is reported to have left some citizens running for their bunkers, not knowing what was happening. Additionally, flight patterns were thrown off that were arriving to and departing from Ben Gurion Airport.

Iran is claiming that this test is a warning that’s being aimed at them since missile tests like this are typically aimed to the West where the Mediterranean Sea is, rather than East, in the direction of Iran. It is likely that Iran will use this occasion as an excuse to further their aggression, which has been their strategy for quite some time.