Though its officials typically refrain from commenting on strikes in Syria, Israel is suspected of having carried out an airstrike on Iranian interests near Damascus on Tuesday night; This marks the first Israeli strike in Syria since the end of February.

For the first time since the end of February, Israel conducted an airstrike that targeted Iranian interests in the region of Damascus on Tuesday night. Strikes on Iranian military targets in Syria were carried out almost weekly last month. As reported by The Jerusalem Post, Syrian state media claims that air defense systems intercepted most of the projectiles coming from the Jewish State. However, it is common for such to be the report, even when significant damage has occurred.

Citing a Syrian military source, state media, SANA, reported, “At 22:35 (2035 GMT) this evening the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights on some targets in the Damascus area.”

In this particular attack, it’s reported that multiple cargo flights took place between Iran and Syria on Tuesday, resulting in the arrival of new weapons from the Islamic Republic. Regardless, Syrian state media suggests that only structural damage occurred.

Tuesday’s strike further represents Israel’s commitment to preventing Iranian entrenchment in Syria, something that several Israeli officials have vowed to combat offensively. Damascus, much like eastern Syria, has been a frequent hotspot for Israeli strikes due to heavy Iranian activity.