Multiple injuries took place as well as several casualties in the Strikes that happened on Monday night; Several of those killed were Iranian nationals; Syrian air defense systems were triggered in the attacks.

Syrian air defense systems were activated on Monday night after a series of Israeli airstrikes near Damascus. Israeli aircraft targeted an Iranian base near the city, which resulted in the deaths of at least five Iranian nationals. Furthermore, several Iranian-backed Syrian militias and other pro-Iranian soldiers were wounded.

Several different aircraft are said to have been used in the strikes, including Apache helicopters and F-16s. An initial report states that the Israelis began their strike from over the Golan Heights, and it’s reported that Syrian air defense systems targeted projectiles in several areas, though they failed to intercept most if any of them.

Several different explosions are reported to have taken place that led to significant damage and the destruction of significant Iranian weaponry including missile launchers, missile storage facilities and Iranian air defense systems.