Reports indicate that Syrian air-defense missiles were deployed but didn’t intercept all of the Israeli missiles; Israel has not commented on the attacks, which is their normal procedure; The damage inflicted from the Israeli missiles is said to be ‘material damage to the base’.

It is believed that Israel is responsible for an airstrike in Homs, Syria, that took place on Tuesday. The T-4 airbase that was targeted is reported to have been used frequently by Iranian-backed militia. Syria’s missiles defense system was deployed but did not manage to intercept all of the incoming Israeli missiles, as four are believed to have struck the base causing material damage. A Syrian military source is reported to have said, “Our air defenses immediately confronted the hostile missiles and brought down a number of them. Four missiles reached the targeted area and there were only material losses.”

Per usual, Israel has not commented on the attack, but Israel has been responsible, and rightfully so, for numerous strikes throughout the region over the last several months as Iran continues to try and move money and weapons to their proxies throughout the Middle East. The aircraft that is responsible for the strike is believed to have come from the al-Tanf region, located in eastern Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among others, has vowed to make sure that Iranian militia are met with force as long as they try to entrench themselves in Syria. Though the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) took a massive blow when the US struck and killed their leader, Qassem Soleimani, there are no signs that indicate Iran has any intentions of easing on their agenda to surround the Jewish State.

[1/15] Reports have surfaced that three Iranian-backed militia were killed in the strike. Additionally, significant damage to the storehouses that were struck is being reported. Original reports stated that there was only some ‘material damage’.