The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck several targets inside of Syria on Monday; Targets include artillery, Syrian intelligence resources, and other targets within Syrian military bases; This follows an attempted attack from Hezbollah on Sunday.

After Hezbollah sought to plant explosives near the Golan Heights on Sunday, Israel responded with significant force on Monday. The attack was carried out by Israeli attack helicopters, fighter jets, and targeted multiple Syrian military interests.

Additional strikes in eastern Syria are reported to have taken place on Monday as well, resulting in approximately 15 casualties. These took place near the border-crossing town of Al-Bukamal, a notorious region for Israeli strikes on Iranian-backed militias and weaponry.

As Israel has previously warned numerous times, the IDF said that “The IDF sees the Syrian regime as responsible for all operations carried out in its territory and will continue to act with determination against all attacks on the sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

Though the Syrian air defense system was alerted, targets such as intelligence resources, anti-aircraft artillery, and observations posts were struck in the attack that happened southwest of Damascus on Monday night. Injuries are reported.