Syrian media outlets claim to have intercepted the majority of the projectiles early Friday morning; Iranian interests were the target in the attack.

Aircraft belonging to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck Iranian interests in the town of al-Safirah early on Friday morning, which is located just outside of Aleppo, Syria. In what is a common occurrence for Syrian media outlets, they reported that the majority of the missiles launched in the attack were intercepted.

One specific target in Friday morning’s strike was a research facility being utilized by the Iranians.

Aleppo is no stranger to military confrontations, primarily of those related to the Syrian Civil War. And as Iran continues to entrench itself inside of Syria, Israeli strikes can be expected in various locations. Though there was a brief period wherein no Israeli strikes in Syria were reported, the last ten days have seen several (i.e. last week’s strike on the T-4 Airbase; Syria’s largest military airbase).

At this time, no casualties are reported. Furthermore, as is a common practice of the IDF, they did not comment on the strike(s).