Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conduct airstrike in Syria following the arrival of new weapons from Iran; High-ranking leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are reported to have been present.

In what was the second Israeli strike in 48 hours, the IDF carried out a series of strikes in Homs, Syria, on Wednesday. The target(s) of interest in these airstrikes was new Iranian weaponry and senior leaders of the IRGC, both of which had recently arrived at the T-4 airbase – the largest airbase in Syria.

According to a Syrian news agency, Syrian air defense systems shot down a number of rockets. However, this is often reported when significant damage was dealt.

The T-4 airbase is a highly-strategic destination for Iran, as Iranian-backed fighters in Syria deploy Iranian weapons into Lebanon and Syria from this location. According to at least one report, it’s possible that Iran had recently transported new drones and air defense weaponry there, which would coincide with reports of the recent deployment of Iranian air defense systems in Syria to prevent Israeli strikes.

As is consistent protocol, the IDF did not comment on the strike(s).