The Israeli government has approved a process to reopen the economy as of Thursday; This approval includes manufacturing, trade, and other services.

On Thursday, the Israeli government approved a motion to reopen the economy beginning with businesses that pertain to manufacturing, trade, and other services. This comes after weeks of closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in this approval process, stressing the need to get things going in a safe and cautious manner.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has stressed the urgency of reopening the economy as soon as possible and has even provided some of the specific health requirements that each business will be required to abide by including temperature checks, 6-foot distance between workers, protective face masks, and a specific sanitary work zone for people over the age of 50.

These businesses will be able to open at 100% functional capacity as long as they can abide by the health measures.

Businesses such as shopping malls and open-air markets will remain closed until further notice, but the reopening of the economy, in general, is a positive sign.