Netanyahu confirms he spoke with Bolsonaro and sent Israeli delegation over the weekend; Bolsonaro: We would be happy to receive help and we thank Israeli technology for helping humanity.


Israel sent a humanitarian delegation to assist Brazil following the collapse of the Brumadinho dam over the weekend.

The dam in south-eastern Brazil collapsed on Friday, leading to multiple deaths and over 350 people missing. As with many humanitarian crises, Israel acted as a first responder, sending a delegation to assist in Brazil’s search and rescue missions.

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro over the weekend and confirmed Israel would immediately send assistance. The Office of the Prime Minister confirmed Saturday night, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke this evening with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro following the dam collapse disaster in Brazil. The Prime Minister offered that Israel would immediately dispatch aid to the disaster site and assist in the search for survivors. Brazilian President Bolsonaro thanked the Prime Minister and accepted his offer…”

Bolsonaro took to Twitter to thank Netanyahu and the State of Israel, stating “I spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and he offered to help us in our search for those missing in the collapse of the dam. We would be happy to receive help and we thank Israeli technology for helping humanity.”

Israel and Brazil hold close ties, Netanyahu making history last month during the first visit of an Israeli prime minister to Brazil. In a press conference alongside his Brazilian counterpart, Netanyahu praised the newly established ties with Brazil, stating, “With cooperation and brotherhood it is possible to achieve things that cannot be imagined. We agreed between us on the way to take this cooperation to new heights… We want to be your partners in this effort, we think our cooperation can give both our people tremendous benefits – in the economy, employment, security, agriculture, water, industry, in every domain of human endeavor.”

Bolsonaro is expected to visit Israel in March, where he is likely to announce Brazil’s embassy relocation to Jerusalem.



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