The IDF is reported to have hit several Syrian military sites in response to the attack carried out by Syrian forces; Minor damage is reported in northern Israel in the aftermath of the explosions that took place earlier in the day.

On Friday, Syrian military personnel detonated explosives not far from the northern Israel Druze town of Majdal Shams. Ultimately, the damage that was dealt to the town was rather minimal. However, a home and a vehicle experienced some shrapnel.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded quickly to the attack, stating, “The IDF holds the Syrian regime responsible for the fire against Israel earlier today. The IDF will continue operating with determination and will respond to any violation of Israeli sovereignty.” And respond they did.

Later in the evening, Israeli helicopters responded to the Syrian activity by striking several Syrian military sites. While there were at least a couple of Syrian soldiers injured, reports state that no one was killed in the Israeli response. However, intelligence-related sites and other positions were targeted, which also led to fires.

After killing a member of Iran’s terror proxy, Hezbollah, near Damascus earlier in the week, Israel has been reinforcing its northern border.