Individuals from the Arab and Orthodox Jewish communities clashed in Jerusalem overnight on Thursday; Multiple arrests and injuries are reported, including injuries to police.

Israeli police in Jerusalem clashed with younger Palestinian protesters overnight on Thursday and Friday, which ultimately led to the arrest of over 50 people and resulted in over 100 injuries. The conflict, consisting of Arabs and members of the Orthodox Jewish community, came during the Muslim observance of Ramadan, which began on April 13th. Clashes have been recurring since the beginning of the Muslim observance.

The primary site of Thursday night’s event was close to the Damascus Gate, one of the most famous gates, which is located in the northwestern portion of the Old City.

According to a report by Reuters, The conflict reached the point where Israeli police needed to deploy armored vehicles and even the use of tear gas. Israelis are believed to have been drawn to confront the Palestinians after video(s) surfaced online of them assaulting Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Both sides have been accused of making harsh comments to each other.

The two teenage individuals responsible for the assault on young Jews were arrested days ago.