As the Jewish State nears a maritime agreement with its neighbor to the north, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is bracing for any attempt from Hezbollah to sabotage the deal.

While Israel nears the conclusion of talks with Lebanon concerning a maritime agreement related to oil resources in the Mediterranean Sea, the IDF is bracing for any potential provocation from Hezbollah in an attempt to destroy the progress that’s been made. The discussions specifically target oil-rich territory in the Mediterranean Sea that Lebanon believes is disputed, while Israel sees it as its own.

Hezbollah is the Iranian-funded terror proxy that’s headquartered in Lebanon. The group is not only responsible for the terror that comes out of Lebanon but also for the widespread corruption in the Lebanese government. Aside from spreading terror, the group takes aim at any opportunity to prevent partnership with the Jewish State.

Just last month, Israel downed multiple drones making their way to Israeli oil rigs in the Mediterranean Sea. According to at least one anonymous Lebanese official, the two sides are extremely close to coming to an agreement.