Recent military exchanges have led the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to prepare for a significant military conflict with Hezbollah; Israel killed a member of the Iranian-sponsored terror proxy last week.

Amid the growing tension between Israel and the Lebanon-based, Iran-sponsored terror proxy known as Hezbollah, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are reinforcing their northern border at a significant rate. The tension between the two increased dramatically last week after Israel killed a member of Hezbollah during an airstrike in Damascus.

In preparation for a military conflict, Israel has deployed numerous intelligence-related systems, advanced weaponry, and different special infantry units as well as special intelligence units.

Head of the IDF Home Front Command’s Northern District, Col. Itzik Bar, warned of Hezbollah’s preparation over the past several months, stating, “Today, they have the ability to hit all of Israel. They are working on getting accurate rockets since unguided projectiles mostly fall in open areas. Accurate means more effective fire. Hezbollah could try to target national, sensitive infrastructure.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the terror proxy that “We will do all that is necessary to defend ourselves. I suggest Hezbollah take this simple fact into consideration.”

It’s said that this is the highest level of tension between the two sides since the 2006 Lebanon War.

In the most recent activity this week, Israel quickly removed a threat from Hezbollah after four of its members infiltrated the northern border seeking to attack Israeli interests.