Israel carries out significant strikes on Iranian interests in eastern Syria; Several casualties are reported and the count is expected to rise; Research center said to be destroyed near Aleppo; Russia to aid Iranian activity.

Syrian air defense systems were triggered on Monday evening as Israel targeted Iranian interests inside of the war-torn country. Several strikes were carried out throughout the night in different regions. While there were no fatalities in the attacks on Iranian interests near Aleppo, several deaths are reported in eastern Syria.

Initial strikes took place in northern Syria, more specifically, eastern Aleppo, where a research facility, weapon storage facilities, and Iranian forces are stationed. While the target was hit, no fatalities are reported. The strikes that followed would have a much more significant result.

Later into the evening, Israel targeted militia bases that hold several Iranian interests in the Deir Ezzor area of eastern Syria. At least 14 casualties are reported with that number expected to increase. According to at least one source, every casualty was either of Iranian or Iraqi origin. The attack left several individuals in critical condition.

Following these strikes, Russia will allow Iran to use the Khmeimim Air Base to land a cargo plane inside of Syria. Israel will most definitely be monitoring the contents of this plane and where they’re delivered.

After the attacks, one unnamed Israeli official pointed out that despite the current pandemic, Iran is the only country still advancing their agenda to equip their proxies for acts of terror.