The IDF struck several targets Sunday evening after rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip; Included in these targets were Islamic Jihad members; Significant damage is reported to have been inflicted.

On Sunday evening, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) carried out several strikes in both the Gaza Strip and Syria after approximately 30 rockets were fired from Gaza. Those on the receiving end of the Israeli strikes were Palestinian Islamic Jihad personnel. In both places, significant damage is reported to have been done. The Islamic Jihad is another Iranian-funded terror organization throughout the Middle East.

The rocket fire later in the day is reported to have been an escalation of a conflict that came earlier in the day when an Israeli soldier shot and killed a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member who was planting an improvised explosive device (IED).

A member of the IDF stated, “IDF fighter jets struck terror sites belonging to the PIJ terror group south of Damascus in Syria, as well as dozens of PIJ sites throughout the Gaza Strip… The IDF will respond aggressively to the terrorist activities of the Islamic Jihad, which endanger the citizens of Israel and harm its sovereignty.”

Currently, the Palestinians are only reporting injuries and some damage though other reports indicate that the damage inflicted from the Israeli strikes is actually quite significant though exact details remain unknown.