Israeli residents outside of Jerusalem are being evacuated as of Monday due to the growing wildfire; Officials are considering reaching out to the international community for help; Leaders are focused on the fire as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is underway.

As a wildfire spreads rapidly outside of Jerusalem on Monday, after officials thought that it had been contained, the Jewish State has begun evacuations in certain areas outside the capital. Furthermore, the fire has become a significant issue to the point where Israel is preparing to call on the international community for help.

According to a report by The Times of Israel, countries such as Cyprus & Greece are already prepared to help if needed.

Thus far, the fire is reported to have destroyed over 5,000 acres of land. Images on social media revealed a large portion of land outside the capital city, which used to be lush and green, turned to black and grey ash. It is being referred to as the largest fire since Israel’s 2010 Carmel Forest fire.

While the fire was threatening Jerusalem’s biggest hospital, firefighters were able to largely regain control of the fire later on Monday, according to Dedi Simchi, Israel’s Fire and Rescue Commissioner, who said, “Tomorrow, 88 firefighting teams will continue to fight this fire. I hope and believe we’ll finish this tomorrow.”

Simchi went on to explain the difficulties behind bringing a fire under control.

Israeli officials are undoubtedly torn in two mental directions amid the chaos ensuing in Kabul, Afghanistan, after the US vacated its embassy, one of the largest in the world. The Biden administration made the highly controversial decision to withdraw the US presence in Afghanistan as the Taliban regains control over most of the country, threatening the lives of countless civilians, many of whom are Christians.