An Investigator is suggesting that Israel was behind this week’s attack on an Iranian vessel in the Mediterranean Sea; Israel is suspected of targeting Iranian ships in the past when the regime is moving explosives and other weapons to its proxies via Syria.

Following an attack on an Iranian vessel in the Mediterranean Sea this week, Israel is the suspect of interest. The cargo ship received minor damage, which could be seen in a video on social media. Israel has been suspected of striking Iranian ships in the past, typically when the vessel of interest is believed to be moving explosives and other weaponry to the Islamic Republic’s proxies in Yemen and Syria.

According to an anonymous Iranian investigator, “Considering the geographical location and the way the ship was targeted, one of the strong possibilities is that this terrorist operation was carried out by the Zionist regime.” The investigator was first cited by Nournews, and followed up by explaining that it’s possible the attack was carried out via an aerial vehicle – and not just possible, but likely.

Though Israeli officials have not commented on the reported attack, it comes just two weeks after a ship belonging to the Jewish State was targeted in the Gulf of Oman. Israel’s MV HELIOS RAY was hit with an explosive on its way to Singapore, only to return to the Strait of Hormuz. The attack is believed to have been carried out by Iran. No injuries occurred.

The alleged Israeli attack took place on Wednesday, and as noted by The Times of Israel, the company has not disclosed the contents aboard the ship. Furthermore, after making the necessary repairs, the crew intends to reach its original destination.