IAF carried out strikes on ISIS terrorists close to Israel’s border Wednesday night; IDF confirms 7 killed, weapons and explosive belts found; IDF: The IDF will continue to operate to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.



The IDF attacked ISIS militant groups in Syria close to Israel’s border on Wednesday night.

Israel Air Force jets targeted ISIS militants after monitoring their movement on Israel’s border for several hours on Wednesday. The militants were 200 meters from the border when Israeli jets targeted and killed seven “armed terror operatives”. Following the strikes, the IDF searched the area and found weapons including explosive belts, rifles and grenades.

The IDF Spokespersons Unit confirmed Thursday “Last night, an IDF aircraft fired towards several armed terror operatives in the southern Syrian Golan Heights. Following searches this morning, explosive belts and an AK-47 assault rifle were found in the area. The IDF is on high alert and is prepared for a variety of scenarios. The IDF will continue to operate to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.” An IDF official confirmed there was no infiltration or threat to Israeli citizens.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that UN peacekeeping forces returned to patrol in southwest Syria and Israel, assisted by Russian forces. Patrols were carried out Thursday morning, the first time Russian forces assisted in patrols in southwest Syria.

The UN peacekeeping forces left Syria in 2014 due to heavy infighting between the Syrian army and rebel forces. The UN officially decided to withdraw its forces after Al-Qaeda kidnapped 43 peacekeepers in August of 2014.

Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy of the Russian General Staff confirmed the developments to reporters on Thursday, announcing that “As the situation stabilizes, these posts will be handed over to Syrian government forces.”

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman reiterated that Israel will not involve itself in Syria’s civil war, but will act to defend itself. He clarified Israel’s redlines in Syria and gave three guidelines, listing them as “Strict adherence to the Separation of Forces Agreement of 1974, Syrian territory cannot serve as an Iranian front base against the State of Israel, and Syria can not be a main transfer point for smuggling arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”



Photo: Stav krikst/Shutterstock.com