Protestors are reported to have taken down and burned an Iranian flag; Additionally, they’re said to have burned part of the outer-wall; These protests have been ongoing and have taken a seriously violent turn; Three protestors are reported to have died as a result of gunfire from security forces.

Late Sunday, three Iraqi protestors are reported to have been killed outside of the Iranian consulate in Karbala. It is reported that protestors approached the consulate, swapped out the Iranian flag for an Iraqi flag, and burned the Iranian flag as well. This was followed by protestors scaling the consulate wall and setting part of the outer-wall on fire.

Before things took a seriously violent turn, protestors had been chanting, “Iran out, Karbala remains free.” As the protest ensued, security forces would eventually open fire, killing the three individuals. It is reported that over 250 Iraqi protestors have been killed since the protests began over a month ago.

Amid his fear of a crippling economy, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has called for a resolution and the reopening of the multiple markets, streets, and other entities that have been closed due to the chaos throughout the country, but there really is no end in sight. Thousands of students are partaking in these protests as well.

Similar to what’s taking place in Lebanon, the government is now seeking to make a host of promises, one of them being more welfare, but the protestors seemingly have zero interest in what they feel are empty words.