Mustafa al-Kadhimi and his new government have been approved by Iraq’s parliament; al-Kadhimi was appointed prime minister-designate last month after Adnan al-Zurfi failed to secure enough support; He is said to be willing to help meet the demands of protestors throughout the country.

Coming on the heels of a political deadlock that has lasted months throughout the divided nation, a new government has officially been approved by the Iraqi parliament under the leadership of Mustafa al-Kadhimi. It was after US-backed Adnan al-Zurfi failed to obtain enough support in parliament that al-Kadhimi was given the label of Prime Minister-designate back in April.

Prior to his position as Prime Minister-designate, al-Kadhimi served as the director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service. It was April 9 that he was given the mandate from Iraqi President Barham Salih to form a new government after the two individuals before him failed.

While the majority of his proposed cabinet was approved, several individuals were rejected. Al-Kadhimi will be providing new nominees in the coming days.

Seeking to bring confidence to the people of Iraq, he vowed to work with the demands of the protestors, who’ve been taking to the streets to display their opposition to the government since October 2019. He stated that his administration would be “a solution government, not crisis government.”

For the most part, the outlook from both Iraqis and other countries is positive. In a rare similarity, his administration is receiving forms of approval from Iran and the United States.