Iran-backed militia claims the US allowed Israel to carry out strikes; Iraq claims that four Israeli drones were involved; al-Mohandes: the militia holds US forces responsible for the targeting of PMF bases; al-Baldawi: We have become fully convinced that there is systematic targeting of the military, especially the PMF.


After a series of airstrikes dating back to the beginning of July, Iraq has now put the spotlight on the US, holding them responsible for the damage that’s been done. Iraq is claiming that the US has been serving as a bridge for Israel to carry out attacks throughout the region. “As we unveil these details – and a forthcoming project for the physical elimination of a number of jihadist figures and supporters of the Popular Mobilization – we declare that the first and last responsible for what happened are the American forces,” said Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, deputy chairman of the Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Iraq. He also stated, “We have accurate and confirmed information that this year, the Americans allowed four Israeli drones into Iraq via Azerbaijan to work within the US fleet to carry out sorties targeting Iraqi military headquarters.”

Iraqi parliament member Mohammed al-Baldawi also added, “We have become fully convinced that there is systematic targeting of the military, especially the PMF.” The forces he’s referring to are an Iranian Hezbollah group entrenched in Iraq, and he’s not wrong. Additionally, al-Mohandes added that Iraq would be treating any unidentified aircraft flying in Iraqi airspace as hostile, and it will be, “dealt with accordingly.”

As a result of the frequent strikes on Iranian weaponry, reports indicate that Iran is now moving its assets to different locations, closer to the border of Iraq. Sources indicate that Israeli drones have been the culprit for these recent attacks.

Interestingly enough, al-Baldawi also stated, “Condemnation and denunciation is no longer enough: There should be a real and realistic end to these violations and to American and Zionist recklessness,”. He could’ve said, “America & Israel,” but he didn’t. He chose the word “Zionist,” which insinuates something beyond Israel. It includes those who support them and believe they have a right to the land. One should also note, that while they refer to America & Zionists as reckless, they are the group that is 100% passive about the Iranians moving heavy weaponry through their land, making its way to Syria and other hostile nations.

Time will continue to declare that ‘peace through strength’ is the only realistic way to live in a fallen world. PM Netanyahu recently stated, “Israel is at the forefront of the battle against radical Islam, and I would say very simply that if Israel wasn’t here in the Middle East, then I think the Middle East would fall to radical Islam. The fact that we are here, the fact that we protect ourselves, is obviously very important for us, but in defending ourselves, we’re defending the entire Middle East. And by defending the Middle East, we defend Europe.”, and they’ve proven this over and over.