The Iranian military began a new drill in the southeastern region of the Republic on Tuesday headed by Army ground forces; Several other sects of the military are involved in the drill; This is reported to be Iran’s fifth military drill in two weeks.

The military of the Islamic Republic of Iran began another military drill early this week. Amid the Republic’s growing tension with the Gulf Region, Israel, and the United States, this is reported to be its fifth military drill in a two-week span of time. Most recently, the Iranians carried out a large-scale missile drill, successfully hitting artificial targets at different ranges via surface-to-surface and anti-warship ballistic missiles. The drill also included various drones.

Eqtedar 99 is being led by the Iranian Army’s ground forces and is comprised of several other branches of its military, including the Shiraz Airborne Brigades, Special Forces, Rapid Reaction, and even the Air Force. Several different tests are being run in order for the military to assess the combat-readiness of its ground forces. On Tuesday, as part of the drill, numerous paratroopers could be seen falling from the sky.

Chief of the ground forces, Kiomars Heidari, explained, “The general goal of this drill is to assess the offensive and penetrative power of the ground forces against the enemy from air, ground and sea.” It is worth noting that this drill, unlike its predecessors, is admittedly an offensive exercise.

Iranian National Army Chief Abdolrahim Mousavi is responsible for the oversight of this drill.